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TribeXR DJ School free download

Game category :Education Games
Hello DJ. Welcome to the all-in-one VR DJ experience. Tribe XR features a fully functioning pro-style CDJ mix deck. Upload your own music and stream it live. Learn from tutorials and professional DJs. Connect with friends and play together.

Beyond Tokyo free download

Game category :Education Games
Beyond Tokyo is a VR adventure around Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan. Get a taste of the unique culture of Japan by freely exploring a stylized Shibuya and experience different places - both popular and off the beaten path - via 360 videos, photos, narration, and storytelling.

Virtual telescope free download

Game category :Education Games
Get the star sky that is above you and visit other planets in the virtual reality!

School Fab Lab VR free download

Game category :Education Games
School Fab Lab Virtual Reality (SFL VR) makes it possible for anyone to experience a digital fabrication laboratory from anywhere, using virtual reality!

HomestarVR free download

Game category :Education Games
This application simulates a starry sky in realism. Please enjoy the full sky starry sky. There are three modes that enjoy starry sky in this application.

Micro Cosmic Worlds free download

Game category :Education Games
Micro Cosmic Worlds is a discovery based journey into unseen worlds of the microcosmos. Using the power of virtual reality, you (the player) are transported deeper and deeper into the worlds of the infinitesimally small.

PsychLabVR free download

Game category :Education Games
PsychLabVR is a virtual research center that is freely available on Steam. Our first alpha experiment involves simulated social scenes to measure social anxiety. This data will be used to create an empirical foundation for a free, automated intervention to treat social anxiety disorder.

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