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Beware of Trains free download

Game category :Violent Games
So you have been fired from your comfy, well paid, corporate job and now you just want to watch the world burn. Careful what you wish for! Beware of Trains is a twisted, violent puzzle sandbox unlike anything you have seen before.

Purgatory Ashes | 炼狱灰烬 free download

Game category :Violent Games
Purgatory Ashes is a third-person locked-in action game, and tells a story of medieval adventure

Infommi free download

Game category :Violent Games
Fight against a wave of monsters and bullet hell bosses with multiple characters of your choice that have different abilities to help you get to their Ultimate Master. Are you ready to take them on?!

尸狱末日 Dead Prison free download

Game category :Violent Games
The virus has plunged the world into crisis, and humanity is already on the brink of survival. You'll be able to fend off a steady stream of zombies in the game until Dr. Wilson gets through the retreat. As time goes on, more and more powerful monsters will be alarmed. Can you finish the task?

Time Carnage free download

Game category :Violent Games
Time Carnage is a frantic survival wave shooter with a frenzy inducing time-reload system. Travel through time and wreak havoc through worlds swarming with dinosaurs, monsters, robots and zombies. Shoot, drop, switch, repeat!

In League free download

Game category :Violent Games
Tactical multiplayer shooter built from the ground up for VR. Team up with other players wielding a wide array of realistic guns, grenades and melee weapons in Hunt or Hostage mode. Winning takes strategy and teamwork as you fight through rich interactive environments.

We Happy Few - Soundtrack and Digital Goods Bundle free download

Game category :Violent Games
This Soundtrack and Digital Goods Bundle includes the official We Happy Few soundtrack in .MP3 and .FLAC format, along with other digital goodies to fill your life with Joy.

TENET free download

Game category :Violent Games
TENET is a fast-paced shooter where you are trapped underworld in a nightmarish arena, and the only key to survival is to stay within the light. Your skills will be put to the test as you blast, punch, and stomp your way through this gore infused gauntlet as you tear your foes limb to limb.

Fatal Hour: Petroleum free download

Game category :Violent Games
Stranded at an abandoned gas station in the middle of nowhere, your mechanic is desperately trying to repair your transportation. There are no other humans in the area. Not living ones at least. Of the other kind there are plenty. And they're hungry...

The 8th Day free download

Game category :Violent Games
Trapped in an abandoned asylum. The only feeling of safety is light. You hit a dead-end and must turn around, but behind every corner lurks an evil presence and horrifying noises...

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