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game category:   Indie Games

short description:
Part 1 of arcade epic 198X. A coming-of-age story told through multiple games and genres. Experience the thrill of shooting, driving, jumping, fighting and role-playing in 5 full-blown arcade stages – combined with cinematic pixel-art storytelling.

release date:  20 Jun, 2019

developer:  Hi-Bit Studios

publisher:  Hi-Bit Studios

long description

About This Game

Welcome to Suburbia, just outside the City, sometime in 198X. This is the journey of Kid, a teenager stuck between the limitations of innocent youth and the obligations of inevitable adulthood. The story unfolds when Kid discovers the local arcade – finding new worlds, and new meaning, in video games. For every visit to the arcade – every game uncovered, every move mastered, every demon defeated – Kid grows stronger. And the lines between game and reality starts to blur…

This is 198X – where a new life is just 1 credit away.

Estimated play time: 2 hours

min system requirement:  
  • OS: Windows 8
  • Storage: 4 GB available space

  • recommanded system requirement:  

    198X free download

    198X user review

    Did you grow up in a small town, early-to-mid 80's?
    198X is a simple, short, yet beautiful narrative experience that brings back memories of one aspect of many of the video game world of the 1980s and even early 1990s for those who went through it.
    It's a game about arcade gaming in the late 80s. It's made with big pixels and with heart. Worth every coin and minute spent.
    This game is the ♥♥♥♥. If you were born before 1984 you will appreciate it even more. Best $7 USD I've ever spent.
    198X is an awesome little game that contains 5 different small arcade style games to complete.
    I refunded this because it didn't work properly on my PC (Steam Play/Linux) so that's why my playtime's so short. It's not why I'm saying "not recommended" but it might be a cautionary tale for some. Instead I bought it on the PS4.
    Awesome game! Really gave me a feel of the old school arcade games of the past. I highly recommend this game. It hit all the right spots and made me want more.
    Its a really cool game but, didn't know its episodic, meaning, ill have to pay more money to complete the game.
    I backed this game on Kickstarter and am not disappointed. Great game for a short burst of '80s nostalgia. Soundtrack is amazing. Combined with the art, they give the game tremendous atmosphere. My only issue is length. Get this on sale for 50% off and have some fun! Can't wait for the next episode!
    I don't know if I can classify this as a game. It's more like a short film or.. maybe someone's art project. Whatever you might call it, this was made with love and lavish attention to detail. This takes about an hour to complete. As you play through the stages you get to experience an intriguing story about escapism, growing up, and loss. The narrative is accompanied by an excellent, moody soundtrack and some of the most gorgeous pixel art I've ever seen. If this sounds up your alley and the price point isn't too high, I recommend getting it and playing it in the dark with headphones.
    This game is gorgeous. Whoever was part of putting together the sprites for this game is a master. I heavily enjoyed it and recommend it heavily. I'm very excited to see what comes next after the continue screen. I bought this game on a whim after ending up with unexpected cash in my steam wallet and I think I made the right choice.
    All the right ingredients, but poorly executed and disappointing. 198X should be a game I absolutely love: 80s nostalgia, synthwave ost, mini games that resemble old school gold, pixelated artwork, etc., but it falls so drastically short, that I can't recommend this game for anything less than a few bucks. The game is about 2 hours long, the story is generic and irrelevant, the voice acting is over-done and obnoxious, the mini games are no more than 2-3 levels each, and the pixelated artwork is little more than minimally animated wallpaper. The worst part is that it's incomplete, apparently, with the game ending with "to be continued..." which is baffling, since there's not much at all to continue from.
    nostalgic? check. gripping story? check. action packed? check.
    This game deserves more attention. Beautiful pixel animations, fantastic 80's soundtracks and awesome gameplay resembling classic video game machines.
    Just played through this game in one go tonight after seeing a video about it on YouTube and really liking the style. I got it for $7 and I think it's worth the play-through for the experience. Just think of it as a short interactive experience, rather than a full-fledged game, and the relatively short length makes a lot more sense.
    Just WOW! It's so gorgeous! I'd say this is like an interactive story, but it's certainly a game as well. It's not passive walking simulator BS, there's real action and win/lose scenarios here. The game's price will be a bit tough to swallow for some people considering it's length. But if you find it at a nice price, It's definitely worth your time.
    More of a mood piece than an actual game. Took me about an hour to complete. But I'll tell you what; I was transported to a neon paradise of beautiful pixel art, 80's nostalgia and awesome synth music!

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