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A.N.N.E main pic

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A.N.N.E pic 1

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game category:   Action Games

short description:
Explore the mysterious and beautiful planet Gomi on foot or with your spaceship in this action packed platformer and space shooter hybrid. Your mission is simple, retrieve A.N.N.E and escape.

release date:  June 2019

developer:  Gamesbymo Inc.

publisher:  Gamesbymo Inc.

long description

About This Game


A.N.N.E is an exploration game blending fast paced platformer and flying (shmup) gameplay mechanics. A.N.N.E’s style is inspired by 8-bit and 16-bit era games; an anthology in pixels that will take you back to the early days of video games using modern technologies and a refined yet simple visual style. A handcrafted retro adventure on an epic scale.


In this world, robots live amongst humans. They are programmed to serve and follow strict laws…One of these laws states that robots infected with the love virus must be decommissioned. To prevent further spread of the virus they are disposed of on planet Gomi, a remote frozen world, where they are dismantled by the Federation guards, powerful robots that will let nothing stand in their way.

After chasing them for many years you are finally within striking distance of the Federation space fleet. A violent asteroid shower and an threatens the federation fleet. This might just be the perfect time for a rescue attempt...

Your mission is simple: retrieve A.N.N.E and escape.


-Explore on foot or at the command of your ship! Use both in order to find every pieces of your fallen companion; explore inside caves and ruins on foot or move heavy objects using your ship in order to access new areas.

-Music by Basiscape, the studio of the legendary Hitoshi Sakimoto (FF Tactics, Radiant Silvergun, Vagrant Story, FF12...).

-Explore a massive handcrafted world and fight more than 20 bosses!

-25 possible weapon combinations and 5 abilities for a whole lot of possible loadouts.

-Supporting keyboard and mouse, d-pad controllers, dual analogue controller aiming

-A game for everyone; friendly options like (auto-aim and casual mode) ensures a more casual and less challenging experience for those who want to focus on exploration without having to worry about A.N.N.E’s challenging combat experience.

min system requirement:  
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7
  • Processor: 2.2 ghz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: [GT710] [HD7750]
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Sound Card: any

  • recommanded system requirement:  
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 10
  • Processor: 2.4 ghz
  • Memory: 3 GB RAM
  • Graphics: [GT730] [R7 240]
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Sound Card: any

  • A.N.N.E free download

    A.N.N.E user review

    Game started with all sound settings on 0. Fixed that but missed the first intro with sound. Then the tutorial menu about the ship navigation popped up and I could not get rid of it with the keyboard, mouse , nor Joypad. Restarted 5 times same issue every time. Hope this helps in development but have to rate it down unfortunately.
    If you like your metroidvanias with a big dose of charm, A.N.N.E. is certainly one worth checking out, especially at its $15 price point.
    I only played a few minutes so far, but I can already recommend this game. It is not perfect, but I believe this is only a matter of time. There's a bunch of smart game design choices and the game just kept surprising me.
    If you love Metroidvania that also brings a new twist to the genre with space ship shooters, this is the game for you!
    Very Cool Game! Robot Metroidvania Love :D
    I was really hype for this game and I am still impatient to continue the story but there is a annoying bug that prevent me to continue the maps does not load when I go to this area I have redownload the game and make a new save but same issue appear at the same place I will change my review if it get fix otherwise the story is awersome and gameplay too
    Slow-motion Metroidvania. Everything feels like you are underwater. Slow pacing as well. Too easy, only a few enemies, even the arcade mini game finishes itself without any reason. Looks and sounds nice but that is all. Pretty but bland, just like Hollow Yawn.
    Enjoy the game in general, but some things about the map keep making me feel lost.
    Pretty interesting game, just another metrovania game but with some great pixel graphics. Can't go wrong with this game!
    Ok so far, maybe a bit repetitive but then again it was only the alpha version. I'll play it more later and update the review
    Great action-adventure game. Pixel perfect, very big map, space shooter moments, good controls, fluid movement, lot of things to be looted...

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