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game category:   Action Games

short description:
Your daily dose of air combat. Super easy to pick up, minimum requirements and vibrant visuals. Select your aircraft and jump into action!

release date:  19 Jun, 2019

developer:  MorfeoDev

publisher:  MorfeoDev

long description

About This Game


  • Easy to pick up. All you need is the mouse or a single stick with two buttons.
  • Daily mini-campaign. Each day missions are a bit different than the last.
  • Multiple aircrafts to unlock.
  • Arcade action. Score as much as you can, compete on the leaderboards.
  • Quick to get into action. No deep story or cutscenes to suffer through, just dogfights.
  • Quick installation. Minimum requirements but vibrant visuals.


The game works well with the mouse. XBox and Steam controllers are supported out of the box. For all other input devices you might have to look at the steam client settings (check out the forums for more info). There is NO rebinding of the controls in game.


As you can probably tell from this and my previous game, , I like flying things. I also like to make arcade-like games that are easy to pick up and gets you right into action with just a few keystrokes.

It is also hard to find a flight sim where dogfights are as fun as watching a Su-35 doing a cobra or watching the movie Stealth.

And that is what I'm trying to do with AFTERBURN: super quick arcade air combat. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

min system requirement:  
  • OS: Windows 7 SP1+
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 100 MB available space

  • recommanded system requirement:  

    AFTERBURN free download

    AFTERBURN user review

    only about an hour in and im already #1 on the leaderboards :)))
    As a player of Furious Angels, I was pretty excited for Morfeo's next game. After update 1.62/1.63 for Furious Angels, he announced AFTERBURN, an arcade-y air combat game in the same general style as Furious Angels. It's been in development for a little while, but it's finally in Early Access. Some things from the pre-release screenshots were changed (RIP playable Valkyries), but the game has delivered on its promise. High speed uncomplicated air combat, with a focus on close range dogfights. I'm excited for whatever future updates bring, and I'll definitely be playing this for a while.
    I think this game has potential to a really fun arcade shooter. There is definitely some initial fun from first couple of missions. Probably things that could change are the design choices for the different fighter types as they look virtually identical with only slight colour palette swaps.
    Saw this game for the first time maybe a month or over back and it was love on the first site. I just have some games that I knew on the moment I saw them that I would love and play it and still do 100s of h later and I have a feeling this is one of them if you, the dev ,work hard and bring enough content for that.
    Pick the second plane with lighter armour and the 30mm canon, youtube the Unsung War soundtrack and get lost in the target rich environment and you'll have quite alot of fun!
    If you have played this developers previous title: Furious Angels and enjoyed it then this might be for you, as it seems like the next natural extension of that game. You could liken it to Furious Angels only from a 3D perspective.
    The unlocked planes are barely visually distinct and have almost no appreciable statistical difference, there's no feedback as to when you're taking damage and how much health you have left other than a vague blinking red flash on your model, the lead indicator on the 30mm seems to be a lie, you have to jump through hoops to rebind the controls, and the heatseekers are absolutely god awful.
    I enjoy the game for some quick fun; I look forward to the continued progress.
    Dope Game! Great look and Feel looking forward to more!
    Been looking a long time for an aerial combat game just like this. Well done!!! Like back in the day, when you just step up to the plate, roll up your sleeves, and dig in.
    for $10 not the worst game you could buy, it's pretty fun and I would keep playing as long as they introduce new stuff regularly. Only 2 jets and multiple variants of those currently and 3 missions but it's simple and gets you addicted quick. EDIT: Dev should add shadows or some other way to distinguish how far you are from the ground please!! I've crashed more often than getting shot down.
    This game took literally 5 minutes to get used to the controls! Its very satisfying Jet Fighter game from launching missiles to explosions. Auto target lock is also a nice function. Simple mechanics yet fun to play. Highly recommend!
    There isn't much here yet, but considering what is available its pretty solid. I'm happy to support an Early Access project like this, i see plenty of potential for a nice basic yet challenging aerial combat game with cool polygonal aesthetics.
    I rarely give recommendations, but this game provides exactly what it promises - a daily dose of super simple, but really enjoyable, arcade air combat.
    Really fun game! Would love to fight it out with a friend on a split screen...please!
    Greatest Stress relief fighter jet game ever ! its worth the money. in less than 10 minutes you understand how to fight off the AI or drone planes. the missions keep getting harder but also keep increasing the level of pure joy! it works great on potato laptops ! I can see this game having a small yet super dedicated support group !
    So far I am absolutely loving this game and I was a little nervous after watching some game play of it on YouTube so I am really happy now. I am really looking forward to future content and stuff and this is looking like it will be a top game of mine hehe. I absolutely recommend this game if you are looking for easy to play hard to master that will last you hours and challenge your endurance and skill, it is well worth the price but if you are unsure if it would be worth you money I can almost guarantee it is worth your time.

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