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game category:   Simulation Games

short description:
A heavily branching visual novel, featuring love, friendship and life-sim elements in a future destroyed by the sun.

release date:  9 May, 2019

developer:  Jaime Scribbles Games

publisher:  Jaime Scribbles Games

long description

About This Game

When the world gets too hot humanity finds sanctuary underground. After a
long waiting list you finally score a spot in the local underground
city of Camden, run by Mayor Rick Davidson. You and your mother move in
and begin to acclimate to this wonderful new life. As time passes,
however, things start to go wrong. Unravel what’s going on, and face
some hard choices that will impact your relationships and fate.

Get a job, find romance, and meet the other residents of Camden- your new home.

Play as Ashlynn Phillips.
Ashlynn is suspicious, but desperate to make this new life work. Her life on
the surface was hard. She spent most of it fighting for everything and
going without. Now she's safe. Her mother is safe. They have food,
water, and shelter. Nothing will get in the way of that ever again, if
she has anything to say about it.

  • Customize your name and appearance (different skin tones and hair colors).
  • 4 career options with independent story lines.
  • 4 potential love interests that you can befriend or romance.
  • 3 potential friends and several people to interact with.
  • Branching paths from day one, making each play through unique. Every path promises different sides of the story, encouraging replay!
  • Spend time with any- and everyone, no matter who you romance, or which job you pick.
  • 30 unique endings.
  • over 135,000 words total

Romance options:

Jude Myers
You can usually find him at the bar with Sam, the closest thing to
family he has left. Or in the greenhouse tending to the plants with loud
grunge music from the 1990s shaking the walls. If you see him with any
tech, you should probably assume it’s contraband and say nothing

Gloria Miller
The sweet Community Affairs Supervisor who wants to keep everyone's
spirits up in these dark times. Born in Camden she isn't fully aware of
the harsh realities of the surface. Bored of living underground she
wants to either shake things up or escape.

Micah Everett
A perfectionist with an eloquent way of speaking, and a quiet voice. Insecure from a previous relationship which causes him to appear distant at first. Tries to throw himself into work as much as possible, and as the community’s lead doctor no one tries to stop him

Eva Turner
An overly friendly security officer full of charm, and a sad smile.
She'll tackle criminals all day, and then sweep you into her arms and
sing karaoke with you all night. Or she’ll challenge you to a race, then
feel bad that she didn’t let you win.

Welcome to Camden!

An underground utopia with fresh food, filtered air, and the coldest
water you’ll ever taste. Enjoy your spacious living quarters with enough
room for the whole family! We have all the ameniti

min system requirement:  
  • OS: Windows XP

  • recommanded system requirement:  

    As We Know It free download

    As We Know It user review

    I love the game, but it depends on what you look for in a visual novel. If your main interest is unlocking unique art scenes for special endings and first kisses and such, then unfortunately you'll be disappointed. When you complete a playthrough, you're greeted by a black screen with a very simple "The end".
    I absolutely love the diversity in this game! Not only are their two female and two male love interests, but the entire cast of characters are made up of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds.
    I've only done one playthrough so maybe I'll be proven wrong about this, but I'm a little disappointed. Not with the game itself, the game is lovely, but there's a vital choice that I feel robbed of as a player. I made the choice near the beginning of the game that I thought closing the doors during the storm was the wrong call, locking vulnerable people out in dangerous conditions. But that doesn't mean I wanted to side with the rebels, ESPECIALLY after finding out they teamed up with the Sandmen - especially considering what you learn about the Sandmen later in the game. I did not want to betray my love interest, or my mother, or Sam, by siding with the people that had hurt them and so many others. I didn't think it was right to shut children and elderly and normal citizens out in the storm, but that doesn't mean I think the rebels were right either.
    As We Know It est un visual novel que j'ai trouvé bien écrit.
    I love the concept of an alternative future-- it's a wasteland and you're living underground.
    This was a really great visual novel! I love all the characters, and I really love that we have the option to simply befriend some of them! The writing was really well done too! Only complaint with this is that the ending really is cut quite abruptly which made me think I got a bad ending the first time but ah well, the story was really good anyway! Definitely recommend!

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