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game category:   Free to Play Games

short description:
Fight fierce hostile alien space ships to neutralize their defenses before you board their ships and battle intense on-foot encounters. Eliminate their forces and steal their technology to upgrade your squad with different abilities and save the galaxy!

release date:  27 Jun, 2019

developer:  Double Door Games

publisher:  Double Door Games

long description

About This Game

Salute Captain,
We are pleased to see you reporting for duty. Now, let us explain to you what you can expect on this mission;

As Captain Starshot, you and your space crew are tasked with the mission to explore the galaxy in search of villainous aliens and to defeat their leader.
Fly off with your spaceship and face off against the hordes of enemies you will encounter on your mission.
Operate with the help of your crew members, who hold various abilities that allow you to overcome any challenge within the mysterious enemy ships.

  • Transition smoothly from the open space environment to on-foot alien ships.
  • Experience a unique and interesting pulp science fiction theme that transports you back to the 50's.
  • Enjoy a different experience every run because of our procedural generated levels.
  • Create countless weapon/ability combinations that will make your experience unique.
  • Upgrade and progress your squad to the most powerful humans in the universe!

Good luck on your mission Captain,
Headquarters signing off

Double Door Games is a student team composed of 23 motivated students, following the International Game Architecture & Design Programme at the Breda University Of Applied Sciences. We have been working on this game for almost a year now and we would love to share it with you!

As a team we are truly passionate about making games! Our goal is to deliver a good experience and we would like to do this together with you, our players.

min system requirement:  
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 8.0
  • Storage: 539 MB available space

  • recommanded system requirement:  
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

  • Captain Starshot free download

    Captain Starshot user review

    Student developed rogue-like twin-stick shooter, wherein you command a crew of space adventurers, both in ship-to-ship combat and on foot after boarding enemy ships.

    I play quite interesting the concept is good, art in general is not bad, I do not like the control of the ship seems very rough, every game we play is different from the previous one that makes it replayable but at the same time bad, since There are times that you will be practically immune and others will kill you at once, I recommend it is not bad to be a student project.
    This game has an amusing premise, and felt like it could build on what i saw in the first level in interesting ways. Then the second level was slightly harder. And then everything else was just iterations on that second level, every alien ship is fought the same way, and fights you in the same way. Asteroids inexplicably have unilateral collision, all in all i'm glad i didn't put money into this because Steam's refund system is a pain and this would definitely be a cantidate for it.
    good game but it have a little bug in this game. such as enemy spawn behind barrier. or click to restart and game will crash.
    Thats a great game and very well done by the team behind it (it's studen's project)
    Space battles are somewhat tedious, and unless you get all the right items crew are somewhat useless. Good game overall, and has a lot of potential.
    Very fun, nostalgic visuals, randomized Zap Brannigan simulator.
    good game!
    love it! a bit too short but on the other hand don't think I would enjoyed it for a long period of time...
    This game is hella cool. Think Void Bastards but from top-down perspective. it's a Rogue-Lite, you'll die, and start over, from scratch. You fly around, get missions, find and attack a enemy ship, board it, find what you need, get out.. Rinse and repeat. Not sure how long to finish or amount of content available, also had to face a few nasty crashes, but all in all , this game is simply too good to be free.
    Well this is a great "SMALL" game!
    Really good roguelike twinstick shooter, be warned though it is very hard. These students did a great job!
    Odd design choices like a currency that can never be used, a neon bright level design that makes it impossible to tell what objects are interactable, plus getting snagged by some random object in the background killing me isn't fun or why does the space ship share the same health as the crew? There are "power ups" that do little if anything at all (the only ones that matter are the health pick ups which rarely appeared) and it feels like the designers legit hate the player with the stupid amount of enemies the game throws at you (and will keep throwing at you) practically at the beginning of the game and with the battles dragging out WAAAAY too long with just wave after wave after wave after wave of enemies.(all in one room mind you) You think you're done? BOOM more snipers or those God forsaken rolling enemies.
    Not a big fan of the game:
    Would give a 8/10
    Really fun game and its free.
    Fun concept, in its current state its not very fleshed out, not a lot of replayability imo, every playthrough I did felt very similar, there seem to be quite a few different items but none of which seem to really change the feel of the game. On my last run I ended up with basically a permanent shield due to one of the items I got coupled with a decent amount of crew members, at that point it became practically impossible to die, so some item tuning is probably in order too. Would also play better if the spaceship battles were a bit more diverse, maybe different unlockable ships, and different enemy ships things like that, as it stands its interesting the first few battles, then ceases to surprise. But being that this is a free title, it does its job to entertain for a period of time.
    Decent 2D crew shooter. Combat seems okay, but somewhat repetitive as there seems to be a lack of weapon choices and customization - you get a lot upgrades on your starting weapon instead. These upgrades need to be balanced better and should be re-assignable to squad members. The player should also be able to see their stats when upgrades offer both negative and positive stats; otherwise the player could pick the wrong upgrades (for example, when upgrading bullet count but not knowing how low their attack can go).
    Decent game, fun time killer. Achievements don't really work though.
    Not much content here but the mechanics are solid. Needs an open world type feel, more ships you can use, different ways to get missions, maybe some type of inv management. Can I drop items? I couldn't seem to. Anyways, not much to say but great start.

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