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Golden Treasure: The Great Green free download

Golden Treasure: The Great Green main pic

Golden Treasure: The Great Green game pic 1
Golden Treasure: The Great Green pic 1

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Golden Treasure: The Great Green pic 2

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Golden Treasure: The Great Green pic 3

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Golden Treasure: The Great Green pic 4

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Golden Treasure: The Great Green pic 5

game category:   Indie Games

short description:
Golden Treasure is a game for those who carry dragons in their hearts. Hunt, explore, survive, and become Great among the True Children of Sun and Earth.

release date:  17 Jun, 2019

developer:  Dreaming Door Studios

publisher:  Dreaming Door Studios

long description

About This Game

”Unquestionably breathtaking” - Gaming Cypher

“Visually, the game is stunning” -

“I love this writing… I’m absolutely enthralled” - English Teacher Plays

The Sun is your Father. The Earth is your Mother. All Beings are your Prey.

Golden Treasure: The Great Green is a hand-painted game about choices, survival, and life as a non-human being. Players take on the role of a dragon and must survive the tender and dangerous years of childhood, forging a path to maturity in the beautiful and deadly world of Earth in the Bronze Age.

To survive, you must hunt prey, fight other dragons for dominance, plunder underground labyrinths for treasures, explore the far corners of the wilderness and, most importantly, grow and learn about the Great Green and its many inhabitants, from birds and beasts to ancient spirits. If you become wise and powerful enough, you may just change the history of our world and the fate of dragonkind.


  • Over 100 hand-painted scenes

  • Three massive open-world areas to explore

  • Thousands of choices and several completely distinct endings

  • Full combat system with 70+ opponents and dozens of special abilities

  • Four elemental paths of enlightenment to master

  • Original 3-phase hunting system; stalk, pursue, and destroy your prey

  • First-person labyrinths to explore, each with its own unique story and treasures

  • Dozens of unique artifacts and ancient secrets to discover

The free demo version includes the entirety of the Prologue and Part 1 of the game, including hours of original gameplay. Permanent unlockables (Tarot Cards, Animal Mastery and Artifacts) will be carried over into the full game.

min system requirement:  
  • OS: Windows 7+
  • Processor: 1.6 GHz+
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 512MB Integrated Chipset or better
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 2 GB available space

  • recommanded system requirement:  

    Golden Treasure: The Great Green free download

    Golden Treasure: The Great Green user review

    A Beautiful Song in a Grey Time!!!

    Story and Presenation:
    I will go right off the bat to say that I am absolutely mesmerized with this game. This review is going to be short and sweet, but well worth it.
    As a lover and hardcore fan of both dragons and visual novels I couldn't not try out this game. I was very cautious of the 20$ price tag for a VN, but the demo's quality introduction and the absolute NEED to continue my adventures right away pushed me to it. I can safely say I do not regret my purchase whatsoever.
    Why are you reading this? Because you want to know whether to buy or not?
    I really loved this game. Touched me deeply.
    A very interesting, thought provoking choose-your-own-adventure game with prominent survival and rouge-lite elements (most prominent of which is permanent-death). The player is born as a wild animal (which happens to be a dragon) into the beautiful and terrible place we know as Earth. What starts out as a pure struggle to survive also becomes a life in which the player may choose to obtain greater understanding of the world and its inhabitants as well as the uncountable philosophies which can be used to approach and understand the meaning of life (sorry for the run-on).
    This is a game with great replayability, and greater potential for expansion not just with additional content like mating or even a sequel or more acts, but I think this could spark a whole new genre of fantasy world that could inspire other works set in this setting.
    The game is quite a bit better than I was expecting, starting with a rather simple story of a newly hatched dragon struggling to survive and grow, and then delving into more philosophical questions as to your dragon's nature, the search for a great truth or greatest treasure. And for the journey and many possibilities, its great. A few times your decisions in earlier chapters influence or allow for additional findings, whether its from combining or trading an artifact found, even finding what could be described as your dragon's first friend as an old man, while you have barely reached adulthood. So every aspect of the journey is fantastic.
    I'm legitimately surprised at how much I like this game, and it should probably get more press.
    Amazing art wonderful gameplay just buy it already.
    This game is one of the most enchanting and engrossing stories I've ever had the privilege to experience. Who hasn't dreamt of being a dragon, spreading your wings and soaring high above the lands, knowing that you are one of the most powerful and beautiful creatures on Earth? The writers have done a stellar job of making you feel like you are one, exploring and understanding the world as a non-human creature. It almost feels like a group of dragons came together and gave us this game to help us understand them better. If you are a dreamer and like to let your imagination bloom, this game is a must-have. If not, then get it anyway - it might just awaken something inside you.
    This is quite possibly, the single most enthralling, intriguing, enrapturing, and exquisite decision based game I have ever played. In fact I almost hate to call it a mere game. It is more of an experience and mental journey that Dreaming Door takes you on. The art combined with the music and enchanting dialogue draws you in completely and you feel as though you are actually in the body of the Draak-kin you play as. It is a full and complete immersion experience, a task difficult to accomplish outside of the realm of VR. This game did it though and I am thoroughly hooked. Even after you complete the story, there is still more things you will want to return to try, different combinations of choices that will niggle at your mind and make you say "what would happen if I had chosen that path instead?". I cannot wait to see this experience grow and evolve overtime. I personally don't think this game could ever be too long. The end of each milestone just makes you crave the next event even more. All in all, I just want to say excellent work Dreaming Door. You've really created a work of art with this experience and I feel so honored to have been able to go on the journey this tale has masterfully woven.
    Playing this game feels like coming home. I absolutely love dragons but have always found dragon theme games to be lacking. Golden Treasure: The Great Green on the other hand had me engaged and enchanted. The story is wonderful and morally complex. There are numerous mysteries to explore and uncover I was constantly left with a sense of wonder an awe and a desire to learn even more about the fascinating world presented. The artwork is also stunning and beautiful and combined with the gorgeous soundtrack I found myself simply starring at the artwork and enjoying the music instead of progressing the story. Truly an emotionally and enchanting game.
    Maddeningly frustrating game. The mechanics are decent, and the story driven plot tugs at your will to continue, however the game is bogged down with the lack of options when it comes to difficulty. Simply put, this game is difficult, very difficult, and very unforgiving. Your stats will almost always be significantly lower than an opponents, and while combat itself is decent, the HP system is lacking. Ever area is time-gated with things easily wounding your PC, and thus forcing you to recover for several days. Even hunting in the second area becomes an effort of frustration rather than the normal grind it normally would.
    The dialogue can get a bit...long, and the game as a whole is not an acquired taste, but god damn this game and it's writing is fascinating to me. I especially love how the devs went all in on the "from inhuman eyes" approach; everything is given an alternate name or term to accommodate the Dragon's (or should I say, the "Draak-Kin's") inhuman mind, and yet it's easy to recognise the human equivalent to quickly clear any potential confusion. The artwork is absolutely phenomenal. The music is
    Absolutely beautiful and creative, tugs at the heartstrings (at least mine), thought provoking, and a good amount of replay value.
    Beautifully written with gorgeous art and with a soothing soundtrack on top. This is one of the few games that I've felt immersed enough to finish in years and I'm still rooting around to uncover all its secrets and alternate paths.

    Golden Treasure: The Great Green download link

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