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Interstellar Transport Company free download

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game category:   Simulation Games

short description:
Build a galactic transportation empire and supply humanity with everything it needs to colonize the stars. In this sci-fi logistics simulator, grow your company from a local transport agency into an interstellar logistics behemoth! Singleplayer, vs AI, and online multiplayer.

release date:  24 May, 2019

developer:  MT Worlds

publisher:  MT Worlds

long description

About This Game

Build a galactic transportation empire! Help colonize the galaxy and dominate the competition in single player and online multiplayer. Use your business cunning to take your fledgling company from humble beginnings on Earth and it's neighboring planets and moons to the far reaches of the Galaxy. Buy ships, manage routes, research technologies, conduct trade deals, build infrastructure, setup autonomous transportation networks, colonize new worlds, invest in local industry; All set in a scientifically-grounded procedurally generated galaxy. With challenging AI, and Online Multiplayer, you will have a new experience every time you play!

Help Colonize The Cosmos

Help humankind spread throughout the galaxy by managing resource flows and the supply chains needed to sustain its growth. Balance colony expansion against resource deliveries to ensure you never bring a planet to starvation. Using a highly sophisticated and complex simulation, every decision you make can have lasting consequences throughout the entire game.

Realistic Business Management

Manage cash flow, take loans and issue bonds, deal with the local authorities and maintain high reputation throughout the galaxy. Invest in new technologies to give yourself an edge. Help develop new markets and hedge your risks. Balance expenses against value to crush your competitors.

Procedurally Generated Galaxy

Interstellar Transport Company has a scientifically grounded galaxy generator which produces challenging and believable maps. Play with 1 to 100 star systems in custom game mode or use predefined game settings and try to top the leaderboards. You can even play without our solar system (replaced by a randomly generated starting system) if you want to freshen things up!

Play Any Way You Want

Play single player custom games against AI or alone with many different galaxy and difficulty settings. Or play with the predefined settings and compete on the global leaderboards. Maybe competitive multiplayer is your thing? **coming soon** Play a shortened balanced game against players near your own skill level for ladder points. You can even play a co-op multiplayer game, teaming up with friends against the AI.

min system requirement:  
  • OS: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: 2.2 GHZ CPU
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1 GB DirectX 11 compatible video card
  • Storage: 2 GB available space

  • recommanded system requirement:  

    Interstellar Transport Company free download

    Interstellar Transport Company user review

    Just started playing, really enjoy it. It's not an action-packed blockbuster, it's a steady strategy game which I can leave running while doing other things too. It runs pretty well on my exploding 2015 Macbook Pro.
    Personally, I love it. I don't get the criticism for the graphics (what were you expecting? And they're good for a niche game).
    I enjoyed the challenge of the first playthrough, and discovering all of the hidden traps that can kill you.
    Fun game if you like management sims. UI is probably the game's weakest point, but has been getting dev attention lately and the resize feature fixes my complaints. Reminiscent of Koei's Aerobiz game series, except obviously in space and has a much more developed economy :)
    TL:DR buy this game if you like hard games about logistics and don't care much about graphics.
    The UI has some real problems. I can' even get through the tutorial. Either the text is so tiny you can't read a thing, or, when you right click, hold and move up to enlarge the text box it might fall behind some other part of the interface that you enlarged (150%) and now can' read it, or click on it, at all.
    I want to recommend this game. The first few hours were fun. Micro some ships here, a route there... But once you reached the stage where you get intrasystem drones, all routes become irrelevant and drones handle everything on their own. Interstellar travel is not worth it, since you barely make profit, and that with all tech unlocked and all ships available. At least in my experience. I got all (ten) achievements in about 10 hours, which could have been faster if I hadn't ballsed up my first game. In the second game I got the (final) 100.000.000 casherino achievement by waiting for my drones to do it for me. I didn't own a single ship once I had 2 or maybe 3 level 3 drone hubs (they cover the entire solar system).
    Gameplay - 9/10
    Great game that allows you to run a transport space empire. If you like logistics and buisness games this game is for you. Also these guys are some of the best devs out there. I have personally interacted with multiple devs in discord on ideas as well as them fixing problems and they respond very quickly too. You do not get that with most other devs.
    This game went live from early access as unfinished; it has bugs and design issues, but more so there's no end game content built in. Furthermore if you really try to play and expand your trading empire just for the heck of it, by trying to conquer interstellar systems, performance issues kick in and the game starts lagging. Even with a high end gaming setup.
    Overall this is a great tycoon game and I recommend it. It is fun and different than most.
    A complex game, sometimes even gratifyingly demanding, especially in late game when you have, like, a gazillion routes to manage. It takes a lot of micromanagement in the vein of Railroad Tycoon II, so if you like that kind of stuff, this might scratch that itch.
    Pretty good
    Not recommendation this game. it is expensive and low graphics and boring... :/ waste money
    The graphics on this game, are at the very least horrible, bordering on un-playable.
    Had a little whorl and watched quite a lot off videos and so on before buying this. I was nervous, some of these games really are boring. I think this is great and more thought has gone into it. I'm going to recommend it purely on the basis that it is more meaty and less boring than some similar titles if you like these types of games. HOWEVER and it a big however, I cannot openly recommend it on Steam until the dev's do something about the horrible UI; AND IT REALLY IS HORRIBLE. In my opinion there could be a lot more done with that and i hope devs are going to be fixing the UI and providing a lot more content by way of cargo just for example. I honestly believe this title should not yet be out of early access, if it was my baby I would have perfected a lot more before pulling it out of EA.

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