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game category:   Sports Games

short description:
MMA Arena is a fighting game that uses deck building mechanics to throw you into an authentic world of Mixed Martial Arts. Become the ultimate MMA Champion by using a unique turn-based gameplay system that's easy to learn, difficult to master and brutally addictive!

release date:  7 May, 2019

developer:  Hidden Tower Studios

publisher:  Digital Tribe

long description

About This Game

MMA Arena introduces players to the grueling world of Mixed Martial Arts. The game hopes to capture the desire, grit, and tenacity required from those interested in excelling at this sport.

Using a robust deck building mechanic, MMA Arena guides its players from the first day they walk into a gym through their quest of becoming an MMA Champion.

On this Journey you:

- Create fully customizable fighters from thousands of options including body-type, hairstyles, tattoos and dress them in branded MMA gear.

- Join genuine MMA teams and train with world famous fighters and coaches in many martial arts disciplines and styles from beginner to master. Build
your deck and unlock hundreds of MMA moves creating your own unique fighting style.

- Master a variety of Martial Arts disciplines including Wrestling, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu. Create your custom fight deck from
hundreds of moves and dismantle opponents with your signature fighting strategy!

- Compete in epic MMA fights and progress through MMA Leagues to fight tougher opponents until you get your hard-earned belt.

min system requirement:  
  • OS: Windows 7 or higher 32bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 2.00 GHz or AMD equivalent
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 450 or higher with 1GB Memory
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 2 GB available space

  • recommanded system requirement:  

    MMA Arena free download

    MMA Arena user review

    I play a lot of pc games from all genres and price classes. Rarely is there a game that delivers so much fun, dept and challenge for such a low price as this one does. To the developers: a lot of love from Amsterdam!
    I am a fan of mma and have been looking out for a good mma game on steam for a long time. Like a previous reviewer mentioned, there have been some mma games on steam before, but for various reasons they were just not really good. When I saw MMA Arena, I was a little wary that this might be another disappointment. But after playing it for a few hours, I can safely say this isn't the case.
    The remnants of its free-to-play mobile nature make this game not very good in basically every way.
    As of right now the game is not playable. The deck you build as you get better by training does not work. You will spend hours training and fighting matches, only to realize the 40 cards you have saved in your fight deck is not the same cards your being dealt in fights. As you rank up and fights get harder, you will notice the more as you get to know your cards and see that you put very good cards in you deck than what you started with, but in fights you are still being dealt trash cards that you took out along time ago. So you loose the fight. Your playing a game using random cards each fight though it's supposed to be using only the 40 cards you built your deck with. I will change my review when they fix the game stopping bug, because this could be a good game. but as of right now do not buy.
    If you at all think you might like a game like this, then you need to check it out!
    This is just a repackaged mobile game that hasn't been correctly ported to PC. For example, alot of the training mini games ask you to "swipe" different patterns on the screen. You can do it with your mouse but the mechanic performs poorly (pointer jumping around, not following you, etc).
    I like it alot, Im always looking for this kind of games since tekken card tournament.
    Really fun game especially for the price. I am certainly enjoying as is. It just feels like there could be more depth to make it less repetitive. After a while, it feels like a math game with an MMA skin. I think adding additional variables could make it more interesting.
    Initially I loved this game but lately I have stalled out big time. I cant progress to a new fight until I have 3 blue belts. I cant get my blue belts because apparently I cant click my mouse fast enough, or make it through training dealing 15 damage with the limited combo cards I am given, or make it through sparring taking 5 damage or less, or drag the correct symbols to the center of the circle fast enough with my laptop mouse in an exercise better suited for a touch screen. What is the point of all this? Why lock fights/belts at all? The training has nothing to do with the fighting outside of sparring which is kinda useful in teaching how to implement some different strategies. The incentive should be to unlock new moves and stay competitive while progressing through the game. Instead I appear to have been pigeon holed into trying to get good at tedious activities that do nothing to improve how good I actually am at this game. I just reached level 20. I think it will be a long time before I get to level 21. I will say that the actual fighting in the game is quite entertaining and I have enjoyed the matches. If PVP were added that would definitely be exciting. This game is inexpensive and maybe worth a look on sale but I can not recommend it after having stalled out halfway through the game.
    MMA and card game fan here. Overall this is a good game and if you're a fan of both genres, this is worth checking out.
    this game is all sorts of bad. just don't by it.
    Fun MMA strategy game. I usually find deck-building confusing and tedious. This has been pretty easy to get into. You can also have it auto choose your cards. There are some AI problems occasionally, but it's still a blast. I believe they're still working on the game as well.
    I'm really on the verge and really don't know if I can recommend it or not.
    Not good, not too bad.
    i like this game but cards which I have unlocked via training, i cannot drag them to my own deck. It just wont allow me to do that, it pop up the upgrade thingy which i dont need. Until they fix this problem, i will give it a thumbs down. Its a bug.
    I must say, this game is pretty enjoyable... i wasn't expecting the card system, but i do like other card games ie: hearthstone... I think this brings a good twist ... and good how ive been able to play... without offers of starter packs.. enhanced editions or adverts... feels a little slowish getting around the gym... from training... back to gym... into fight... onto map... enter fight etc... in my opinion... would be nice with a more direct drop down box of navigation, hotkeys possibly.... however still ive had fun... Thanks Devs... extra braktime biscuits :D

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