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World Of Conquerors pic 1

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game category:   Massively Multiplayer Games

short description:
Construct cities, train soldiers and enter tactical battles to conquer the world.

release date:  Late 2019

developer:  Huntah

publisher:  Huntah

long description

About This Game

Build your cities, form alliances, train your soldiers and conqueror a world of blood thirsty enemies.

City Development
Build up to ten cities around a map of players and barbarians. Using plundered or farmed resources, construct and upgrade buildings to unlock technologies and the ability to train improved soldiers. Set up defenses to Improve your cities odds of repealing invaders.

Once you have trained some soldiers you can begin plundering the countryside, taking resources, items and preventing any neighboring empires from growing too large. Battles are fought in the traditional real-time strategy format, with individual unit control, unit micro-management and many other features.

Form or join an alliance of empires and assist one another in conquering the world. Alliance members are able to easily communicate with one another and send one another resources. Large cities may require multiple attacks to conquer, making alliance coordination a desired aspect.

  • Persistent game-play
  • Alliance system
  • Over 150 Technologies
  • 12 different play-able unit types including Infantry, archers and cavalry
  • Customizable generals that can have special skills applied to them
  • Global market to trade resources with other players
  • Mail system to communicate with offline players
  • Chat system to chat in real time to alliance members and all players on your world
  • Large map
  • Many different NPC controlled areas to attack in addition to attacking player owned cities
  • Soldier buffs such as spearman doing improved damage against cavalry units
  • In-depth stats/ranking system to compare your progress against other players

min system requirement:  
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 2 GHz dual core
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Hardware Accelerated Graphics with dedicated memory
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 2 GB available space

  • recommanded system requirement:  
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection

  • World Of Conquerors free download

    World Of Conquerors user review

    I was enjoying this game, until today. My guild leader was banned for excessive player killing, and anyone that defended him was permanently banned. My banned reason was that I was an "alternate account" of a banned account. This is blatantly a way for the Developer to avoid admitting that he is silencing anyone that takes up for a player in the game. I was not the only person banned for speaking out against our leader being banned. Not only did he delete our guild leaders account, but he also deleted the guild, and split up ALL the members of the #2 guild in the game.
    World of Conquerors is a strategy game that blends city building, resource production, military building and RTS battles. Each player works through quests to improve their rank and with it the ability to build more cities. Group together with other players in alliances and take your troops into battle vs the AI or other players.
    It has RTS Elements but you cant even select 40 units at the same time, LOL
    The game looks aweful and you can spend money to just straight up buy troops.So someone can hop in, develop space for an army and just buy the units straight up for no wait times. Discustingly pay to win, if your interested in a much less pay to win version of this type of game go play Travian. Its a browser game that looks 10 times better than this and you cant buy units! What a disapointing game :(
    This is a extremely unfinished facebook/mobile game. Click on a little plot and click "build building!" then wait for resources to build your next building.
    This game is a total money grab, made extremely rushed, with graphics looking like it's dating back to 1991, and even then I would reconsider playing it. You can buy pretty much anything you need with money here. You want units? You got it boss. You want more and stronger units? Don't worry because money can get you it.
    I have been playing WoC since the day after launch. I have had great fun with this simple concept game. I've played many that are similar such as Evony which is the closest comparison I can think of. The dev has created a great little game that has a lot of potential. It has decent graphics, a structures=resources economy, a nice npc combat system that offers plenty of challenge, limited tech tree and the opportunity for pvp. There is however a very strong pay to win side to this game. If your credit card is strong with the force, you too can buy your way to the top of the servers. I dont really have a problem with this since it is a f2p game.
    This game is great the developers interact with the players they listen and patch every issue up swiftly i enjoy playing this game its very relaxing and wish it came out years ago as id still play it even to this day if it did i highly recomend<nice this and its free! support the developers donate or in game cash (:<
    I am the best
    World Of Conquerors
    Great game would highly recommend :)
    This game is good fun +1, would recommend :)
    I've gotta say, if this going to continue as a non pay to win game... It's going to have some potential
    Haven't ever really posted a review before, but here we go.
    It's me, Papa.
    Fairly good to spend some time, the HUD and general Interface is still clunky those.
    It's simple and easy to learn. Fun to play and straight forward.
    This game can do so well if it gets fixed, but as of now it just doesent work.

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