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Wraithslayer pic 1

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game category:   Indie Games

short description:
An intense and challenging boss battle in an abstract horror world.

release date:  8 May, 2019

developer:  Devin Cole

publisher:  Sean Young

long description

About This Game

Wraithslayer takes place in an abstract horror world where the player is bound to a single fight against a monstrosity known as a Wraith. Dodging the Wraith's relentless attacks while collecting orbs to weaken your foe will provide a nightmarish and challenging battle.

  • Simple controls. There's only jump, dash, and dive. You'll have to be creative with your movement if you want to defeat the Wraith.
  • Randomly generated attacks. The Wraith randomly picks from a wide array of moves to demolish you, making each fight very different.
  • Dark silhouette art style. Explore the many ways you can die through the pulsating darkness of the Wraith and its lair.
  • Multiple Game Modes. Normal, Endless, and True Wraith game modes provide varying levels of difficulty and high replayability.

min system requirement:  
  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10
  • Processor: 2.0 Ghz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 256mb Video Memory, capable of OpenGL 2.0+ support
  • Storage: 100 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Any

  • recommanded system requirement:  

    Wraithslayer free download

    Wraithslayer user review

    Game is really fair & fun.
    It really captures that "just one more round" feeling. I find myself playing this game during breaks at work. The controls are simple and snappy and it's actually quite challenging. After beating the true wraith mode, endless still provides quite a bit of challenge and content.
    Wraithslayer is an interesting take on the twitch-style arena shooter genre.
    A shot but challenging game in which your only goal is to kill a boss by hitting him 9 times, a fight that will last at most 2 minutes. Simple? Yes. Easy? Far from it. Think Undertale final boss fight with Sans only the attacks are random and have no pattern.
    Amazing. The soundtrack is amazing and the controls are really easy to pick up. The mechanics are easy to grasp and after a few runs I'm just hooked! For those that played Roguelands or Magicite and were addicted to the dash mechanic, like myself, and wanted more than this game is perfect for scratching that itch. If you have some pocket change, I highly recommend you try this game out!
    I open this game when I want to kill a few minutes and then I look at my clock and realize that I've been playing for 3 hours.
    The game is very good itslef, but it has some problems.
    Amazing game indeed!
    An absolute Blast.
    Well, it´s simple, but it isn´t. One room, one life, you, the boss and W A S D. It´s challenging and quick, without any loading screens. It has really good pixel-graphics, doesn´t take you that much memory and the price is also in a good balance. The soundtrack is perfectly fitting and doesn´t get boring over time. A nice game you can often come back to!
    This game is a boss rush with some interesting movement that consists of only dashes in the cardinal directions. The only thing I can see negative about the controls is that your left and right dashes seem to be slightly slower than your up and down. Other than that, this controls very well. I will say that it took a couple minutes to feel completely comfortable with the movement, but that is to be expected with a new game that has non-standard movement.
    My wrist hurts so much now
    Really cheap.
    Sean's new approach of having someone else make the damn game while he sticks to art has paid off here. This is a fun little title and well worth the $5 asking price.
    It be good
    Very stylistic game, great lore, and EXTREMELY difficult. Definitely pick it up to give it a try.

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