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Zombie Watch pic 1

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game category:   Early Access Games

short description:
Top-down open world single player / survival / RPG game with zombies and wildlife.

release date:  11 May, 2019

developer:  Wildlak

publisher:  Wildlak

long description

About This Game

Welcome to the world of Zombie Watch! You are the one of a few that survived a virus that has infected most of the population and turned them into flesh-eating zombies. Take on this challenge of survival in a harsh and brutal environment.

Zombie Watch is a top-down, open world survival game that will take you to a post-apocalyptic world, where you are going to encounter many different zombies and wildlife. Gather, mine, scavenge for resources and build a self-sustaining base with defenses to fend off the incoming zombie hordes. Craft or find weapons, armor, medicine and much more.<


You wake up in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by bloodthirsty zombies that are after you around the clock. They can smell you from the distance, hear every step you take if you are not careful and make you their one and only target once they spot you. While living in hiding or fighting for your life, you also have to attend your basic human needs. It would be a shame if you perished of starvation or cold. Use your survival skills,, make and set traps and build a self-sustaining base with a great defense! Enter the world of Zombie Watch – be aware of your surroundings and keep a good watch!


- Breathtaking graphics

Enjoy the realistic landscape in a high-quality graphics.

- Open world

Large realistic open-world landscape

- Inventory system

Find or craft different clothing items, weapons, food and other equipment to carry on you at all times.

- Survivors Bases

Build a great defense system for your survivors to keep the zombies out.

- Zombie Hordes

Different zombies will attack you in hordes or one on one but they will also periodically attack your base. They can smell you from afar and hear your every step unless you are careful. When you get bitten or otherwise wounded, you are going to be able to heal
your wounds.

- Food and water system

You have basic human needs and you need food and water. You will be able to plant a few seeds and grow your own food.

- Crafting

Find or craft your own weapons and armor. Cook, brew potions, scavenge, gather herbs, grow your own garden, mine ore, chop down trees and much more to come.

- Exploration

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min system requirement:  
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 SP1 64-bit or Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 or equivalent
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 550 or ATI™ Radeon™ HD 6XXX or higher
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 20 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Minimum requirements may change during development.

  • recommanded system requirement:  
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

  • Zombie Watch free download

    Zombie Watch user review

    I cannot recommend the game in it's current state. Combat is clunky where you somehow while aiming at a zombie with the bow at point blank you miss, trying to hit them with melee is almost ill advised as you are going to either miss because of the hit box from trying to walk backwards trying to avoid getting hit, or you're gonna be taking a lot of damage from getting hit. Movement could use some work, the speed based on moving and facing direction is rather interesting, but the sudden stopping when trying to change direction is hindering as well as the fact that you have to stop to move again in the direction you want to go. Building exploration needs a lot of fixing as you can barely see what is around you because the reveal bubble isn't positioned right or just doesn't work at all, thus making you possibly miss out on a lot of valuable resources. I feel resource management is also rather difficult as storage requires some rather difficult to get materials which requires certain structures (wood planks need woodworking station) or just rare to find (nails seem really rare), it feels too difficult starting out. I hope this game improves and will change my review should I feel it has.
    The concept is good and the game looks great. It is a pretty standard open-world survival game, with gathering and building a base. There are some bugs. It has a good foundation but needs fixes and updates.
    Has great potential and I can see this game doing well in the future once the bugs are fixed. The graphics are really good, overall the gameplay is fun when you get used to the controls. I hope the devs will keep updating the game.
    Diablo 2 meets Zombies. It still needs work but the world looks nice and the crafting is neat.
    Picked this up during the summer sale and while early access seemed promising. Unfortunately the large amount of issues that I experienced within a short amount of time were cause in my mind to request a refund. From the feature to report bugs being unusable to numerous issues with picking up or using items, I cannot recommend this game in its current state. Even if it is on sale. I will, however, continue to keep an eye on its progress and hope to be able to return with a much different review.
    This game is a master piece for EA, why because there is so little genre like this one especially in isometric view i have been played all zombie genre like PZomboid, State of Decay 1 and 2, dead age, dead state, hard west, Crai mira, frozen state etc for now it's really playable but lack of content, i love crafting and build a base etc, i hope in next month or more the game more polished (just hoping more like State of Decay in isometric view) because for game play state of decay and project zomboid is the best gameplay i ever play in zombie genre , keep agood work Dev XD. donot let negative review let u down Dev keep polished ur game and ur have a great potential tobe AAA game. i know unity engine have limitation but keep optimation and keep add content like npc, lively town center or suburb etc it make the game more alive think like stalker world where there is bandit and zombie and survivor fight each other
    Wait for a ton of updates before buying this was in the game 5 minutes and refunded it, hit boxes are screwed up and the game just isn't that fun right now. Hopefully later on they get it fixed up and i'll gladly get it then.
    Controlling of your character is a little poor. Raining sound is totally loud, you can turn that right down but then you will be playing a silent game (no sounds at all).
    Edit: Changing to Recommended, but under the condition that you're willing to be patient and help out an indie dev. If you're in doubt and have been burned by other early access titles, check out the update activity and player discussions. This game has potential, as long as the developers stick with it.
    breaks my os"s graphical setteings when changing the settings in-game.
    This game has potential and i would like to see where the Dev goes with it. Yes it is in early access but some things could be easilly taken care of. The area for pick up is way too small, sometimes you have to be in the perfect spot to pick up an item. Also its missing bandages (cloth makes the most basic bandage), or at least i haven't found any and none to craft. Third, when you go into a house thew roof "look through" opens up but you can't see through the trees, you have to adjust your camera angle. There was also some weird part, i was running on the road to the Harvesters when i heard glass breaking and i started bleeding???? Couldn't find a NPC for quest, "Harvesters" don't sell food or water? Only thing vehicles have is metal scrap? Just a few easilly changable minor things.
    Game is pretty neat
    I found bug zombie run away when I hit with bat. devs plz fix. good game.

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