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Trident's Wake free download

Game category :Action Games
Trident's Wake is an intense co-operative twin-stick shooter in an unforgiving sci-fi setting. Join up to three other players to take back humanity's last hope - the colony ship code-named Trident – from an unknown race of alien invaders!

Legion of Scorn free download

Game category :Indie Games
Retro, twin-stick shooter based in sci-fi and cyberpunk roots. Battle through the Legion.exe research arena against the latest in military robotics technology. The only way to earn your freedom is to battle your way through countless waves of enemies and survive the Legion of Scorn.

Core Of Darkness free download

Game category :Action Games
Proceed through rooms killing darkness' warriors with swords, bows, other range weapons and of course magic. Kill enemies to get more gold, look for chest to find items, weapons and spells. Fight your way to the bottom of the dungeon and defeat the darkness once and for all.

MIDNIGHT Remastered free download

Game category :Indie Games
Collect the seven letters of the deadly sins and repent for your past in this horror game.

BIOSZARD Corporation free download

Game category :Adventure Games
In a near future, BIOSZARD Dev grew powerful and wealthy. The once small game development studio turned into a global scale corporation seeking to dominate, buying corrupted politicians and crazy scientists to transform humans into beasts, zombies and other unspeakable things.

Bounty Hunter free download

Game category :Action Games
Top down shooter, with you as a cowboy on a mission to save the world from mad zombie scientist, and his horde of zombies. You are the only survivor in the area, so you will need lots of luck, and some bullets to clean the area.

DESERT KILL free download

Game category :Indie Games
DESERT KILL is a roguelite top-down shooter where you have to destroy evil forces in the most brutal way!

Over My Dead Pixel free download

Game category :Indie Games
Over My Dead Pixel is a top down shooter where you command antivirus software to defend your computer from malware. Beware, firing your weapons will shrink your playspace. Maneuver deftly to avoid the enemies and the walls, as one single hit means restarting.

Baby Redemption free download

Game category :Action Games
Baby Redemption is a high paced rogue-like shooter where you have to save babies in glorious intense slow-motion action. Weapons, bullets, babies, fun and bullet-time. What more do you need?

Nowhere Station free download

Game category :Action Games
Crazy Rogue-like top-down shooter with innovative movement mechanic, insane robo-cults, and lots of bullets to ensure your destruction before you grow a big bad robot!

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