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Rotatex free download

Game category :Action Games
In the game you control Rotatex is a real cat from another dimension, we have to help him get to the portal in other rooms.

Brave Hand free download

Game category :Casual Games
Brave Hand is an award-winning original single-player card game about pushing your luck. Beautifully simple yet deeply strategic. Playing unlocks the story of the Wanderer and the Guardian, depicted across 16 gorgeous hand-painted theme pages.

Tetsumo Party free download

Game category :Action Games
It's Tetsumo Party time! Help sumo warriors win in a hilarious competition. Control their arms and legs to fit the incoming bamboo wall or… drop out in the most ridiculous way!

Castle Woodwarf 2 free download

Game category :Strategy Games
Keep your dragon and city of Woodwarf safe with the help of your dwarven army. Upgrade your home and environment while you fight epic battles underground! Use special abilities and items and overcome waves of enemies.

Steel Sword Story free download

Game category :Action Games
This is a game created especially for all the old school, classic 2D action game fans out there. From 8bits Fanatics, the creator of the fatally difficult action title 1001 Spikes, comes a true 2D dark fantasy-action game full of swords and magic.

Million Arthur: Arcana Blood free download

Game category :Action Games
For the first time on Steam, the incredible, over-the-top 2D fighter Million Arthur: Arcana Blood is ready to kick-off! Featuring many of the popular characters from the smash hit Million Arthur series as well as a variety of guest fighters!

IMPALE YOUR FRIENDS! free download

Game category :Action Games
IMPALE YOUR FRIENDS! is a lightning fast, 4-player, couch multiplayer game about throwing spikes to do... well... it's in the title! Combat is simple to learn, difficult to master, and brutally intense.

Lexie The Takeover free download

Game category :Adventure Games
Lexie The Takeover is a 2D platformer that will send you to a post apocalyptic world where an army of skeletons roam, lead by the infamous Commander Bones. Your goal? To defeat the army and Commander Bones himself to restore peace to humanity.

SAMURAI SHODOWN V SPECIAL / サムライスピリッツ零スペシャル free download

Game category :Action Games
SAMURAI SHODOWN V SPECIAL, which was the last game made for SNK’s NEOGEO back in 2004, finally makes its way onto Steam. It features everything fans expect from a fighting game such as training mode, online matches, etc.

Trivia Throwdown free download

Game category :Indie Games
Knowledge is power! Explore 2500+ questions and several hours of gameplay in this climb-the-ladder trivia / quiz challenge with a fighting game style, designed for a wide range of knowledge levels.

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