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Conscious Existence - A Journey Within free download

Game category :Indie Games
You are gifted every moment with life's most precious achievement: A conscious mind, enabling you to sense and hold within, the universe's boundless beauty - a source of infinite inspiration that fuels your inner space. - C.E. is a linear, stereoscopic 360/VR-video short film experience.

Shattered Lights free download

Game category :Free to Play Games
Shattered Lights is a VR psychological horror room-scale experience, which focuses on drawing the player into the game with unparalleled immersion.

Copperbell free download

Game category :Adventure Games
Immerse yourself in a unique hand drawn short adventure game and help Copperbell defeat the demon that has settled in the nearby forest.

GraFi 2 free download

Game category :Indie Games
GraFi 2 - casual, colorful,minimalist, physical puzzle with traps and changing gravity.

KIDS free download

Game category :Indie Games
A game of crowds.

My House free download

Game category :Simulation Games
Build your house according to your desires in My House! Let your creativity express itself in a chill atmosphere!

Alt-Frequencies free download

Game category :Indie Games
An audio mystery set in a time loop. Record, rewind time and broadcast snippets of radio shows to expose radio hosts, conspiracy theorists and politicians.

Divine D.I.V.A. free download

Game category :Indie Games
An interactive story, with choices and endings. Diana, Iliana, Victoria and Alissa are the D.I.V.A.

Four Seals free download

Game category :Indie Games
The summoning ritual failed - you couldn't contain the demon. Your friend died. Was devoured. You want out, but the door is sealed with alchemic sigils. All you have are the remains of your friend's notebook and a derelict haunted house full of magical ingredients.

INTERPOINT free download

Game category :Adventure Games
Interpoint is a first-person sci-fi mystery with elements of psychological horror. A secret organization made the discovery of parallel worlds. You are Harry G., a scientist, who took part in a project that was supposed to benefit humanity.

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